Henan Yuxing Sino-Crystal Micro-Diamond Co., Ltd. is a high-tech comprehensive enterprise specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling synthetic diamond micron powder, nano-grade diamond powder.

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Wire Diamond Powder

Description:Wire diamond powder is adopted high-intensity and highquality diamond. more regular crystal shape,more concentrated paticle size distribution and effective grinding particle,high intensity and purity,with good dispersion and wear resistance. Usage: Applied in cutting, grinding and polishing of organic and inorganic brittle materials, such as wire saw, gem and semiconductor blade; also used in high-tech material coarse grinding, fine grinding and polishing of polysilicon, gem sapphire, quartz, optical instruments. LED sapphire substrates, LCD glass and so on.

Diamond Powder for PCD/PDC

Description: PCD/PDC diamond powder is adopted high-intensity and low impurity high quality diamond,concentrated particle size distribution,great thermal stability and abrasion-resistance;particle surface is special processed,more conducive to PCD/PD stable growth.Usage: PCD/PDC, polycrystalline drawing dies, metal bonded and ceramic bonded abrasives.

Diamond Micron Powder SCMD-AA

Description: Raw material is adopted from high technology MBD series of high quality diamond, more regular crystal shape with patented technology process, nearly spherical particle shape, more concentrated particle size distribution and low impurity content, very clean particle surface, easy to disperse to various types of vector and combined with various binders solidly. Usage: Suitable for precision grinding of optical glass, optical grinding pills films, optical grinding wheels, precision polishing wafers, precision grinding wheels of silicon materials for sapphire processing, precision machining tools for jade gem processing.

Diamond Micron Powder SCMD-A

Description:Raw material is adopted from high quality diamond,adopt the advanced production technology,combined with the unique particle shaping technology,produced base on international requirements standardiztion.Suitable for metal bond and ceramic bond abrasive tools,all kinds of electroplating tools,grinding paste and slurry. Usage: Suitable for metal bond and ceramic bond abrasive tools, all kinds of electroplating tools, grinding paste and slurry.

Micron Diamond Powder SCMD-B

Description:Commom diamond powder from ordinary diamond,adopt the advanced technology,base on international requirements standardization.With the relative regular crystal shape and the low impurity content, particle size distribution is in line with national standards. Usage: Suitable for resin bond abrasive tools, all kinds of electroplating tools, grinding paste and slurry.

Our company will attend the MARMOMACC in Verona, Italy from 30th Sep. to 3rd Oct. 2015

Marmomacc is the leading global event for the natural stone industry and represents the entire supply chain, from raw material to semi finished and finished products, from processing machinery and tec

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The Overall Demand of Synthetic Diamond Market to Grow Steadily

Synthetic diamond is more and more widely used in various industrial fields, whose overall demand will maintain steady growth. The market price will remain stable and even fall a little. The industria

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Henan Synthetic Diamond Micro Powder Inspection Center is Approved

Reporters learned yesterday that Henan Synthetic Diamond Micro Powder Inspection Center located in Shangqiu had passed review of representatives from Henan Bureau of Quality Supervision. According to

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